Schedule and Registration

Art Classes with Alex

ThursdaysSep 7 – Dec 145:00 – 6:30pm15 x $18$270
Location: New Westminster

Acting Classes with Sam and Igor

ThursdaysSep 7 – Dec 146:30 – 8:00pm15 x $18$270
Location: New Westminster

Both Drama and Arts classes cost $500. Individual lessons cost $20 each.

At the end of the season, we plan to set up a theatre show “Winnie Pooh and Snow, Snow, Snow”.

Choreography with Katya and Marianna

TuesdaysSep 26 – Dec 194:30 – 6:30pm13 x $20$260
Location: New Westminster

Individual Piano, Violin, Guitar Classes

Tuesdays, Thursday30 min$30
Tuesdays, Thursday60 min$60
Location: Anvil Centre, New Westminster

We are inviting all parents who wish to do warm-ups 20-30 mins at the beginning of each class (it’s free)

You can also sign up for individual 30 min choreography classes. Cost: $30. Individual dance performance included.

This season the musical school will continue its classes on Wednesdays at Ukrainian library. At the end of the season, we will have exams in the Royal Conservatory of Music. Registration, at the start of the season, is optional.

Working individually, semi-private, and in groups. Cost: $60 per hour. 1 hour of theory is for free

Payments have to be made a month in advance. Classes can be postponed 24 hours before they start by up to a month.

 You can take 1 class for free

Payments have to be made after the first class. Skipped classes are non-refundable. Online class records’ links are emailed or sent digitally

Payments can be E-transferred to: [email protected]

Please specify your name and the class you are paying for