Summer Camp

Dear Wonderland School of Arts friends,

Welcome to the June-August 2022 summer program! We are thrilled to be welcoming your children back to the summer camp! We have eagerly anticipated this day, and all the signs point to another incredible and productive summer program.

Therefore, an approximate schedule for the each day is as follows
9.00 meeting
9.30-10.00 breakfast time
10.00-11.00 music time
11.00-12.00 choreography class/swimming/skating/art/ interesting philosophy
12.00-13.00 games
13.00-13.30 lunch time
13.30-15.00 art/theater class

Location: New Westminster Secondary School

All activities will preferably be outside or inside depending on the weather conditions.

Music classes:

Students will work with higher level students or with a head teacher. Every day classes.

Art classes:

Planairs will be held on Wednesdays

Theatre classes:

We will work on voice and acting individually and in groups. At the end will show you all the parts in one great performance.


We will work on dances in different styles, from hip-hop to ballroom.


Each Tuesday we will go to swimming pool to play water games


On Fridays we will have skating time with an instructor

To apply, please text me the week number and send a deposit $50 to [email protected]

I look forward to working with you, and all of our team to ensure this goal is met!



  1. Music camp (fully booked now)
  2. July 11-15 Theater, Choreography, (“Alice in Wonderland”)
  3. July 18-22 theater, choreography (“Alice in Wonderland”)
  4. July 25-29 video school (300$ information will be sent in additional letter)
  5. Sunshine trip (information will be sent in additional letter)
  6. August 8-12 theater, Choreography (“Space”)
  7. August 15-19 theater, Choreography (“Space”)
  8. August 22-26 video school (300$ information will be send in additional letter)